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Colorful Book Spines

Books That Changed Me

Looking for a great escape, a spirit lift, a practical education, or a poetic dive into someone else's life? Check out my reading list. Use the Contact Page below to recommend other books or share your thoughts on any of the books below. Books will be added all the time and I'll note them on the latest blog.

Axiom's End Book by Lindsay Ellis

Fiction & Poetry

Poems & novels got me into literature as early as Grade One. Now they keep me imaginative and sane. And no, I'm not above including addictive teen fic.

Between Two Kingdoms Book by Suleika Jaouad


I gravitate toward a lot of memoirs, & studies of neuroscience and the humanities. And big surprise, I'm also a fan of self-help.

The Gene Keys Book by Richard Rudd

Cosmic Mystery/Spiritual Shit

Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism, law of attraction, magick, epigenetics, quantum theory, akashic records.

If it isn't Catholic, I probably fuck with it.

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