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Cosmic Mystery (Spirit Shit)

Books that shift, open, ground and enlighten.

The Four Agreements
Don Miguel Ruiz

This short book is a starter pack to thinking differently about your place in the Universe. Applicable with any other religion/paradigm & simple to take in, its tenets provide powerful reminders at every phase of life.

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E Squared & E Cubed
Pam Grout

Pam Grout's books on "seeing what you believe" are pure fun, light humor, and bliss. The experiments are easy to follow & execute. And the results will have you thinking differently about your own thoughts.

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The Gene Keys
Richard Rudd

This book has been transforming me for years. It is the first book on spiritual enlightenment & higher purpose I found that employs more subtle contemplation than any kind of pressured study or action. Deeper & more thorough than astrology, with ties to the I Ching, I have read it many times & always find new things. 

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The Artist's Way
Julia Cameron

I can't say enough about the ways Julia Cameron's writing has shifted my perspective back to self love and coached me into a more nurturing creative process. Beloved by millions of writers, filmmakers, actors, and visual artists, The Artist's Way is legendary.

Notebook and Pen
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The Law of One:
The Ra Material

I'm working my way now through Book 2 of this series of transcripts with the channeled 'Ra'. It's undeniably deep and fascinating, despite being orchestrated in the 80's by scientists unsure of what to ask. I'm learning about the interplay of free will and the evolution of 'densities' of consciousness. Wild.

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Drawing on the Right
Side of the Brain
Betty Edwards

This book might be just as good a fit in the Nonfiction category, but it often feels like a spiritual awakening. The shocking effectiveness of Edwards' teachings in bringing out your deeply adept inner sketch artist & balancing your brain hemispheres stands the test of decades. It completely altered my perspective.

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The Power of Now
Eckhart Tolle

Arguably the "classic" new age spiritual book of our time. Eckhart Tolle's writing & many teachings have transformed all who come across them. You are not your thoughts. You are the observer of all thoughts.

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Spirit Babies
Walter Makichen

This book is uplifting, full of practical meditations & guidance, & very hard to put down. Beautiful book for prospective parents or anyone wanting a peek into the real-life "Soul" journey referenced in the Pixar movie.

Star Cluster
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Awakening Shakti
Sally Kempton

The audio version of this was wildly good. Hindu goddess awakening has helped me banish negativity, focus creatively, dig for answers from within and come back to gratitude. A must read for the rising feminine.

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Many Lives, Many Masters
Brian L. Weiss

Many Lives, Many Masters is an astonishing thrill to read. It's also a completely true story backed by audio recordings & a reputable psychiatrist. Past Life Regression Therapy is a genuine tool on the map for psychological & spiritual healing these days.

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The Energy Codes
Sue Morter

The Energy Codes is real science backing physical exercises (yoga postures), breathwork, visualization, and self-healing. Dr. Sue Morter adds personal stories to make the practice memorable, & offers many workshops & free resources on her website. This book helped me through a very dark & painful time.

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Be Here Now
Ram Dass

A book on the journey and transformation of Richard Alpert into Baba Ram Dass. A psychologist & Harvard professor-turned psychedelic researcher-turned meditation & modern yoga guru. His quotes are handwritten with winding, multidirectional drawings that seem to take you through his mind. His talks & autobiographical films are also well worth looking up.

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When Things Fall Apart
Pema Chodron

Pema Chodron, a Christian nun-turned Tibetan Buddhist monk & many great books to her name, recommends staying present & staying curious when it all falls apart. I also recommend "Start Where You Are", a reflection on compassionate living, & "Pocket Pema Chodron", which will always tell you exactly what you need to hear at a moment's notice.

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The 'How To' Series
Thich Nhat Hanh

Thich Nhat Hanh is a prolific Vietnamese Buddhist monk. Don't let the smallness or the simplicity of these books (or their occasional presence at Urban Outfitters) fool you into thinking they aren't perfectly transcendent & wise. A great series to collect or read swiftly while killing time at Urban Outfitters.

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The Magdalen Manuscript
Tom Kenyon & Judi Sion

Sex magic & the untold story of Mary Magdalen will straight up blow your mind. Includes a transcript of Magdalen's channelling as well as relevant research for an all around powerful, ancient, feminine message.

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High Magick
Damien Echols

Damien Echols' story is absolutely unreal. Wrongfully framed for murder by the police in his hometown at a young age, Echols served 18 years in prison. A practice of ancient Magick rituals and research saved his life & sanity & he was released with a deep knowledge of his higher calling. For additional mindblowingness, watch his episode of Midnight Gospel on Netflix, featuring his interview on Duncan Trussel's podcast.

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The Biology of Belief
Bruce H. Lipton

Allow Bruce to introduce: Epigenetics. The new & exciting study of the influence of human thought & practiced belief on genetic evolution. And not just across lifetimes but in the here & now. It sounds novel at first but it doesn't take much effort to wrap your mind around it after a few Bruce Lipton talks.

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